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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1!!!!!!!! (A super amazing movie)

This will be my first post with exclusive pictures that are not on Facebook.  I need something special for my loyal readers, right?  Well, unlike all of you lucky people residing in the States this year, we did not have the luxury to go to any theatre at any time and see the original version of Harry Potter 7 in English.  We could have done that if we wanted to see it in German, but that is clearly not the same.  So after much deliberation, we decided to go to Frankfurt am Main to see the premiere of the movie.  When we looked, there was not a midnight showing on Thursday in English, so we decided to just go the day it cam out.  We took a train and left early on Friday morning so that we would not be late.  It takes about 3 hours by train to get there from Jena, so Braden took a little nap.

Our first stop was in Eisenach on the outskirts of Thuringen (the German state that we live in).  It was cheaper for us to buy tickets from there to Frankfurt and it is free for us to travel to Eisenach, so we saved some cash that way.  We had a little bit of a layover, so Yvonne and Braden decided to start the day off right with some Becks beer that it is completely socially acceptable to drink on public transportation, which they promptly did.

We then checked into Frankfurt Hostel right by the Hauptbahnhof.  If you've read my post "Yeah" then you know what went down there that night, but it was not on our mind at this point, we were so excited to see the movie.  We had my new British copy of the seventh book with that I had finished reading the Monday before the premiere.  Reading the book the second time really made me appreciate everything so much more, and I also like to read the book right before I see a movie so I can quickly compare it and know what was missing and what changed.

We took the U-bahn, which is like an innerc-city subway system, to the theatre.  This is Maria and I outside of the English theatre in Frankfurt am Main.  They show movies in their original English versions here, so obviously this was a safe haven for people like us.  That is, Americans.  I was, of course, wearing my Bellatrix Lestrange shirt that I brought with me just for such occasions.

When we got inside, we saw that there was a place to pose for another great movie that is about to come out, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Tredder.  Yvonne and I are both huge fans of the movies and the books, so we wanted out photo taken with this set up.  I'm VERY excited for this movie!!

Once we had our tickets checked, (that I apparently did not need to pre-order because the theatre was not full. I guess I didn't think that it wouldn't be sold out.  I must have forgotten the primary language is not English...huh) we immediately went for the cardboard characters.  The first, naturally, was Hermione.  She has always been mine and Braden's favorite.

Maria's favorite is Ron.

Here is the woman that I love to hate, Bellatrix Lestrange herself.  Her poster reads "Der Jagt Beginnt" which means the hunt begins.

April, always the classic one, posed with our hero, Harry Potter.  His poster, "Es ist Nirgendwo Sicher" would mean "Nowhere is safe"

Finally, Yvonne's love for Snape could not be overlooked.  I love that for this movie he is still a bad guy and therefore has the same text as Voldemort and Bellatrix.  I still don't think I'll ever really like Severus Snape.

We got to our theatre and sat down in our reserved seats (that's one thing that I like about German Cinema) and bought our treats and buckled down for the long haul.  I was very sad a couple of times, but tears fell for Dobby.  I like the change they did with Hedwig dying defending Harry instead of stuck in a cage.  I appreciate how the movie moved VERY fast and if you weren't a die hard fan you probably wouldn't have understood the whole thing.  Stuff like that makes me very happy.  It was a wonderful movie that I very much enjoyed and marveled at how well they followed the book.  I'm so anxious for the last movie to come out, though sadly, I will still be in Germany when it does and will have to make yet another special trip somewhere to see it.  I, however, will not ever be returning to Frankfurt am Main unless I have to after what happened that night in the hostel.  For more information on that, only look a few posts earlier.

Thanks to all my faithful readers, and don't forget to comment with your thoughts, I like knowing I have an audience! 

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