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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

I know this is out of sequence (by a lot), but this happened today and I feel like writing right now, so I will.  I will finish Edinburgh and from there London-Prague as well hopefully within the next few days and load them up periodically throughout the next few weeks.

So, Easter weekend started on Wednesday night when Yvonne and I went to the Exchange Student Semester Start Up Party.  We had a great time and I took a picture of our friend, Kari, who was here last year with me so she could relive her Jena days.  I hung out with my usual gang of Irish and Italians and had an overall good time, here are some shots ;)

In the Strassenbahn with the Kari picture

"On the Floor" w/ Kari

Roisin (IRE), Hyejin (S.Korea), Doireann (IRE)

Paul (IRE), Christian (Spain), Me, Filipo (Italy)

Following the fun on Wednesday, we all went and "studied" in Paradies Park on Thursday, went to a Gegenwartsliteratur class and then watched "Glee" and "Modern Family" at April's after eating some delicious baked ziti for Rodina Night!

The next day, Friday, the gang and I went out to Paradies Park right outside out apt building and we sat in the sun and played (or failed at) volleyball and read and were happy.  That night Braden and I had a Grey's Anatomy marathon and finished season 4 that we started in Amsterdam.  We will be starting season 5 when I finish this.

On Saturday we started out really lazy and just did some homework in the courtyard which is when we realized that we were about the only people in the apt complex and we were really happy about that and to take advantage of it we decided to grill.  While Braden and April went shopping, I watched (and loved) "Rio"

When they got back, we got to work.  We pulled out Maria's kitchen tables and put them outside, got the grill going and got out the beer.  In addition to it being Easter weekend, it was also National Beer Day in Germany on Saturday, so I even mixed myself a Radler (beer+Sprite) and drank that to feel festive.  We got the cards out and played "31" (thanks Sam and Brandon).

This happened a lot throughout the evening.

We took a break from cards and got food ready (I did the burgers) and got them on the grill and resumed play for a while.  Of the rounds, I won 2 and Braden won 1.   Haha, Braden, Haha.  From there we ate dinner and it was really good and really filling.  I also brought corn and green beens and we had wurst and chips.  SO GOOD!  

After dinner, I got the Easter eggs we had purchased and set out hiding them!

Under my air-drying bed spread (Maria's)

In a pile of rocks (Braden's)

In a tree (Maria's)

They all dutifully looked for their eggs.

There was not fair play, though.  First, April took Yvonne's egg thinking that it was Braden's.  Before that though, to no one's knowledge, Braden had already hidden one of April's in his pocket.  I then stopped Braden from taking Maria's from the tree, but that DQed Maria because then she didn't even find her own egg.  A chase for Yvonne's egg soon ensued.

April had his it down her dress.

Soon, the game was over and we were all friends again.

After that we had a nice night of chatting and being just happy.  It was a good Easter weekend.  My next post will be actual Easter Day!  :)

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