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Friday, April 8, 2011

Up the Tower

We got into the Orsay Museum for free and walked around.  Honestly, I liked it better than the Louvre.  The art there was so much different than every other museum we had already been to in Europe and it was so refreshing to see something new.  We couldn’t take pictures, but here are some weblinks to some of my favorites.

There were more, but I have since forgotten them...this is what I get for putting this stuff off for so long.  Shame on me.

After leaving the Orsay, we chose to split up because we wanted to do different things.  I don’t even remember what April and Maria wanted to do...maybe nothing?  Braden and I wanted to see the Pantheon.  It looked like a church, but it is a shrine to all of France’s greatest thinkers like those pictured below.

When we were done with the Pantheon, we decided today, being a beautiful day, would be the perfect day to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  And it was.  We got there and were harassed a good many times by street vendors as per usual and got into line.  It looked unbearably long, but moved quickly and soon we were into the main gates.  While there we found April and Maria about 30 minutes ahead of us and waived.  We got through the line and up to the first level.  We rushed over to the top and while on our way noticed that April and Maria were still on that level.  I guess they had bought the wrong tickets or something, but now we were ahead of them.  Funny how things sometimes work out that way.  Well, I took a video in the elevator.

The view from the top was absolutely fantastic, and the sun was setting.  It was just perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

And of course, another fierce picture!

On the ride down, the lights were on (and I took another picture of the Eiffel Tower because I thought I didn't have quite enough, yet)!

After our great time on the tower, we chose to go to a view from a tall building in Paris that included the Eiffel tower in the Parisian skyline.  We got onto the metro and made our way over to Montparnasse Tower.  When we got there a woman frantically rushed in front of us and made us wait for a while.  She was British and she got things done.  It was a little annoying, though.  The man told us the top was closed.  Fail.  But the level below it was open.  Not as cool, but workable.  When we got out of “the fastest elevator in Europe” was looked around and saw that the coolest view was overcrowded and that no one’s camera worked through the thick glass.  All around, I label it a waste of time.  Probably cool when the rooftop terrace is open, though. 

notice the glare.... >:(

From Montparnasse, we went to a totally different type of typical Parisian Monument...the MOULIN ROUGE!!!  So, I love the movie (I think I'm obligated to do so?) and it was really cool to see it.  It was actually right next to our hotel, so it wasn't that far out of the way or anything, and it was in the "red light district" of Paris, which is always fun to see.

We went back home, did some brief net browsing and went to bed, a long day of travel finally done.

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