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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Maria and I left at 7:15 to travel our way down to Bayern (Bavaria) and to Nürnberg to visit or friend from our freshman orientation group, Megan Lusty.  She is currently studying in Liverpool, U.K. and is on her vacation and doing her break like Braden and I did.  We were travelling on a holiday, so we were the only ones on our first two trains, so, naturally, we needed to take some fierce train photos because we spent so much of our time in Europe on these damn things!

After (finally) getting to Nürnberg, Megan met us on our track and we started walking around the city.  It was a beautiful day (about 75) and the trees were just starting to get full with leaves and it was really starting to look fantastic.  I wish I  could have seen all of the European cities like I saw Nürnberg, but I'm glad that I got to see them at all (and reasonably priced, too).

We thought the only thing that was gonna be open was the Easter Market, but thankfully that was not the case, it seemed like most tourist shops and food places were open, so we were able to sit at a cafe for a while.  We did, of course, walk through the Easter Market and make some small purchases.  I bought Braden and owl on a stick and myself some USA stuff for the 4th and the soccer game!!  SO EXCITED!!!!

After sitting down to lunch for a while and just chatting we moved on, but, of course, not before someone saw my Concordia bag and told me they graduated from Concorida, St. Paul and his friend from NDSU.  SMALL WORLD.  Crazy.  On our slow meander back to the train station, we happened upon.....a....FLASH MOB!!!  I have always wanted to see one of these...it's kinda funny because all of my little dreams that you don't think will ever come true are kinda happening. It was a Jesus flash mob (it being Easter), but the music was cool and the dancing was fun.  All ages, races, sexes, so cool.  I loved it and couldn't stop smiling for a while.

After the flash mob and some more food, we just walked about Nürnberg for the rest of our time and enjoyed each others company!

Maria would like to say that she is not Mexican.


It was so great seeing Megan and Maria and I just had such a great day.  We got a lot of homework for the upcoming weeks done on the long train rides and even saw Easter bunnies on the way home through the park.  It was just a beautiful and wonderful day.  Probably the warmest and most relaxed Easter of my life (last year I was at Nationals for Easter....)


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