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Monday, September 13, 2010

Days Until Departure: 11

Today I am sitting at one of the places I have spent more than enough time at in my life: the Milaca Dairy Queen.  I am here with Lauren and Morgan and having a lovely time trying to download Dexter from iTunes to watch that later tonight, but of course the internet is not as fast as I would prefer...of course...

Golden Oreo
Analysis: I thought that I would really like it because I like Golden Oreos, but I was wrong.  It is not good in ice cream.  Drat.

The Xbox and I fought today over whether or not it wanted to play Final Fantasy XIII with me.  It won.  I am still mad.

I spoke German for like two hours today with Judith Boldt.  This resulted in me being very tired and my head hurting for a long time, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed it and needed the practice.  I appreciate that a lot.  

This weekend was so much fun.  I went up to Duluth to visit Deanna and Megan and was able to watch "The Bounty Hunter" with them.  It was good, but for sure a renter.  I also was hooked on Dexter, which was a dumb thing for me to do as I am leaving so soon...ah well, what's done is done.  After saying goodbye to the girls, Braden and I went up to Enger Tower and took a few lovely pictures of the Duluth skyline.  A beautiful sight.  We also at lunch at a cute little place called Va Bene, it was so fun and interesting there, it is also one of Braden's favorite restaurants in the world.  The drive back was good, we were able to talk about the future a lot and figure some stuff out.  We are both very excited to leave, but also nervous and worried about random things.

Making cookies with the girls (Lauren, Morgan, Colette, Jenna, Katie, GSP, and Mom) was so much fun and so was watching the game, though the Saints are "thugs" as Grandma says.  I think I agree.

I have to go to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up my new camera, that will be fun.  I will also buy Glee Season 1!  I'm pretty excited about it.

Also, congrats to Lady Gaga for sweeping the VMAs last night.

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