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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Days Until Departure: 15

What could be better than Christmas in September?  Today was a day filled with spritz cookies, almond extract, and (of course) Beach Boys Christmas music! I'm currently sitting on the couch watching the Vikings game (so far it is pretty painful).  It's great to watch the game with the family, it's one of the only ones that I have left before I go.  I also watched a preview for gLee and am SO EXCITED!!!!

I was given this website a while ago by Sam Cousin, but I just looked at it again and it made me so happy.


Go to it and love your life a little bit more.

I watched Project Runway today and was very sad because Peach was voted off, I don't know who watches that show, but I really liked her.

I loved spending time with the family today, it really is a good thing for me to do because I know that I am really going to miss them when I leave.  YUM these cookies are so great.  Morgan is reading Eragon, I read that book but never finished Eldest...I always meant to, but did not.

I bought "A Clockwork Angel" yesterday.  Impulse buy.  It's from an author I liked with the same premise of the series that I liked, so you would think that I would like it, right?  I hope so.

I feel like this is getting boring.  HAHA....so......I'll end with my favorite photos from GAGA!!!!!!!!!

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