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Friday, September 24, 2010

Today is the Day!

Everyone keeps asking me: Are you excited or nervous?  I keep having to respond...NERVOUS!!  There are so many things that have to happen before I can be excited about this trip...but, I was sent a schedule from my tutor last night and that really helped me to get a little bit of a look at what is in store for me in the next month, and for that I am SO GRATEFUL!!

I will really miss everyone.

I leave in just a few hours and right now Mom, Morgan, Katie and the girls are on their way to my dad's house to wish me off.  Mom and Morgan will be driving me to the airport so they can finally meet Rhonda and Jeff and see me off.  I am listening to Telephone the Glee version....and it makes me so happy.  SO. FREAKIN. HAPPY.

I'm sitting here in my room with Buster (the dog) on my feet.  I'm always so good about keeping him up, but now I'm leaving and there is something about him in the room with me that is comforting.  I love dogs.

I watched hours of Dexter last night, thanks Deanna for getting me hooked....I really like Lt. Maria, she is my favorite.  I'm drinking one of my last Mountain Dews.  Braden says I have to put in here that I do not blame him or think that he made me go on this trip and I am going of my own free will.  Last night's goodbye to Lauren was really hard; I am going to really miss those girls.  I never actually use semicolons, but I think I needed one there....feel free to correct me. :)

I'm all packed up except my laptop which is providing the soundtrack to my madness right now, so that will be the last thing in the bag.  I'm certain my bags are overweight, but I am bringing with me an empty backpack so I can stuff some things in there at the last minute once the bags are actually weighed.

Talking to Maria, April, and Braden has been helpful...we're all so....crazy.  HAHA.  I LOVED talking to Kels and Meg last night, what a pleasant surprise, hope they are well.

Finally: GOOD LUCK COBBER SPEECHIES (Andrew, Steph, and Jen) at the first MAFL!!!

My next post will be from Europe.

TTFN America

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