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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Days Until Departure: 17

I probably won't do one of these everyday, but up in Moorhead I have a lot of time to do stuff while other people are working on homework or speech.  So, I am writing another one.  Today was marked by a terrible loss for me and the people with whom I shared my summer.  Sumar, the lovable 12-year-old killer whale died today.  His death was such a terrible blow for me and all of the other wonderful people I met this summer.  Attached are some photos that I took over the summer and a link to the story from SeaWorld itself.  This is such a sad year for SeaWorld.  My thoughts go out to the trainers, keepers, and really everyone whose life Sumar touched.


On a lighter note: the speech interest meeting was tonight and seeing all the great interested freshmen was so wonderful.  I am really going to miss this activity, but expect that people will keep me informed on the goings on (you know who you are).

Also, while siting in The Maize today with Naomi Nix for a while I was introduced to this HILARIOUS video by Steven Edwards.....so FREAKIN funny.  Watch these in order:



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