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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exploring Jena

I woke up with Braden in my room and that always makes everything so much better in the morning.  I decided to be late to class and have a breakfast with Braden.  I bought Cinnamon Toast Crunch at Kaufland but a strawberry flavor…and it is not good.  The milk was though!  After getting to school we did some more exercises and other fun stuff, had a slight confrontation with Katherine, but that can’t really be avoided because I have decided to channel all of my anger toward her.  Not really, only kinda, don’t worry.  There were a few more changed with my class today.  The British girls were all gone, but there was now a British man, a new Russian girl, the Chinese girls were back and brought a friend, and there was a new Italian woman. I texted Braden and then called him at lunch and that felt so great!  I then met him for lunch and we had European McDonald’s which is not the same.  When I got back to class we talked about idioms like “who let the cat out of the bag” or “caught between a rock and a hard place”.  This was So interesting for me because I got to hear about not just German idioms but also Czech, French, Italian, Spanish and so on.  Me and the British guy, James, hit it off right away and realized our humors matched perfectly, so we had a couple really good laughs.  We both thought the Spaniard said Water boarding was a hobby of his when he really said water polo…still don’t know how I heard that.  We then started to watch Marley and Me which I am not emotionally stable to watch at this time.  I watched only up to the sad part and left to meet Braden.  We walked all around town and I took out money and paid him back for the groceries I bought because I had no cash last night and no one takes Visa.  We then went shopping for random little things I need like hangers, clothes pins, pens, notebooks, etc. I have to go change laundry, I’ll be right back.  Can we stop for a second and discuss the scary giant spiders that are all over in Jena….it is just really unnerving.  The rest of the day was uneventful.  The night though was AMAZING.  Maria and April came over for the first real Glee night (every Wednesday) and we, I mean they, made fantastic tacos with rice and apple strudel for dessert!!  Then we watched Glee, and I cried for forty minutes, thanks Glee.  Off to bed.  The next morning was nothing special, went to class for a while and then went all around town to get all of the stuff I needed to do done.  I signed up for internet, got a bank account, signed my lease, and got health insurance.  Check and check!  Then we all went to IKEA!!!  That was an adventure, it is in a field outside of Erfurt, it is not very close.  We shopped and had an awesome IKEA time.  We even hurried so we could catch the bus at 6:16.  So, we get outside at 6:13…and no bus…..for an hour.  So we sit and have a wonderful Rodina (Family in Czech) J(ustin)A(pril)M(aria)B(raden) party at the bus stop and watch the Glee Brittney/Brittany episode (for the third time).  The bus finally comes and we are very lucky with connections and make it back to Jena fairly quickly.  I get back to my room and find I have INTERNET!!! Talked with mom, uploaded photos to Facebook and updated this! J

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