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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Hang Out with People from Ireland

Woke up and ate an apple and walked my ass to school.  I actually have been walking everywhere.  Even though I can take the strassebahn (street train) everywhere I think it is just easier to walk.  I hope that helps with weight… J  I get to class and I am ready for another day of great learning.  We have some changes in the class, a new British girl and the Chinese girls never showed up.  In class today we did some fun exercises that included me acting like an American shopkeeper…that wasn’t too much of a stretch, haha.  That was fun.  I had to act with an Italian man and French woman, and believe me I made that fun.  When it was time for lunch break, I informed the teacher I had things I had to do and would probably not return for the rest of the day but would try.  With Roisin, Marianne and the other two Irish girls, Alison (who looks like Blake Lively) and Dreea? I did some more registration stuff with the computers and to the town office.  I ended up spending hours with the Irish girls and I really hope we can be friends because they are awesome.  Very awesome.  I went to the Bahnhof (Train station) to see if I could find Braden when he was supposed to arrive, but I didn’t see him and I had to meet the girls at 4:30, so I went back to the town office and saw them.  We went back to the main school building and met up with Charlotte, a friend of Marianne’s who knew where to get cheap phones, and I NEEDED A PHONE.  I went with her to MediMax and bought my phone for 34 Euro and a pre-paid sim card for 1 Euro and it had 10 Euro on it!  That wiped me out of my cash, though.  Ah well.  I went back home and waited for Braden to show up.  It didn’t take long, though until all of them (April, Maria, Yvonne, and Braden) were knocking at my doors (the front one and the window in my room that opens into the courtyard).  Braden and I exchanged numbers very excitedly, the same with Yvonne, that was something I really just needed to feel whole again.  Braden, Yvonne and I decided to go on an adventure to Kaufland (like Cub) and buy some supplies for the month.  We hoped on the strassebahn and went shopping.  It was huge and had everything I wanted…well, that I could expect from it.  It even had .1% fat milk, which is almost skim!  1 liter was only .50 Euro!  So, I got four.  After we bagged everything up, we went to the stop to realize we missed it by 4 minutes and would have to wait a half hour…at least it was with good company.  We then somehow wound up on the wrong train and ended up in scary East European Lobeda West and discovered the train we were on was going to Lobeda East and none of us wanted anything to do with that and we ran away and waited for the next CORRECT train.  We got home safely, though.  Braden and I put away groceries and watched Xena: Warrior Princess.  It really reminded me of my old neighbors Marnie and Kim because of all of the lesbian references in it and the fact that they had every single episode on VHS.  Also, the acting is god-awful.

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