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Friday, October 22, 2010

First Week of Class

On Sunday and Monday: Desperate Housewives, Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12, America's Next Top Model, Dexter, perhaps more.  I also walked all around town and checked out where all of the campus buildings are and was successful.

Tuesday I had my first class and it was fun.  This sounds really brief but there really isn't too much to say so I'm just going to outline my class schedule.  I'll probably have commentary on my classes later on, but right now it is just the first day and therefore boring.

Intercultural and Regional Studies

The American Short Story
Academic Work in the German World
The U.N. Secretary General 

Intercultural and Regional Studies
The History of Political Ideas II: The 18th Century

I tried a couple other classes like "The 'Old' DDR" or "The German Kingdom 1890-1906" but they were way too hard and I couldn't really understand any of what was going on.  All week I have been coming home late from classes and have been too tired to do anything and have been going to bed early.  Braden visited on Tuesday and that was fun.  I might take a class called "London" on Thursday afternoons, but right now the class is full, so we will see if that happens or not.  I would really like to take it, though.  I'm excited to see how this semester goes.  What I am most looking forward to is the 12-14 page essay in "The American Short Story." I have the feeling that around that time I would love nothing more than to write an essay in English.  Not much of an update, but I have not done very much this week.

Something that was awesome?  Katie and the family, Mom and the girls, and Morgan McCall and I all talked on Skype.  Best. Invention. Ever.

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