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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Braden Doesn't Love Me Anymore -or- Our First Italian Day Together

Braden's first Italian adventure was just that, but I was happy that he didn't start out with it's best so that he could slowly see better and better things in the beautiful country.  Milan is wonderful, but after only a day in Venice, it has already been dwarfed.  But, first I need to talk about my none singular Milanese day.  We started, as I did the day before, at the Duomo, this time going inside.  It was GORGEOUS!!  It is so pretty inside and huge.

Notice how small the people are...

I lit a candle for my sisters and touched the thing that so many people touch that it has a different color that is supposed to send your prayers even harder (Typical Catholic thing). It was awe-inspiring to say the least, the things that man can make...I can't wait for St. Paul's and the Sistine Chaple...

We then got to go up onto the roof.  Literally.  We did not just go into a tower like all of the other churches I have scaled, we walked on the roof.

It was so cool and we got a real 360 view of the city.  It was the coolest church climbing experience I have yet had, but not the best view...I think that is still going to Dresden (even in the rain).  We got down from there and bought some more pizza (a theme for this trip) and I chose to drink Fanta...which cost me 4.80 Euro...WHOOPS!!

Later that night Braden read that some places charge 10 Euro for a Coke..so I guess I got off easily.  We then had Braden's first Italian Gilato, he had Pistachio and I had Cookies and Creme, so good.  We then made the walk alond the mall to the Palace and this time walked through its gates.  It was Monday, so all of the museums were closed, but we still enjoyed walking through the park behind the palace walls.

We decided there wasn't a ton left to do since everything was closed so we walked over to Chisea Santa Maria della Grazia (where "The Last Supper" by Da Vinci is) and looked around the church.  We couldn't get in to see it, but it was cool nonetheless.  The church was 600 years old.

On our way back to the tram stop, we were passed by a car that had a Google sticker on it and a camera on top of it...so we're hoping to be on Google Maps Street View...something Magenta...Braden knows.  DREAM #1 COME TRUE!!  We then ate at a cute restaurant close to our hotel and went to bed after some nice reading time.

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