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Friday, February 25, 2011

Enter Venice

We got up, checked out, got on a train, and went to VENICE!!!!!!!!!  Before that story, though...I saw this van on the side of the road:


It was a long train ride, but it was free instead of having to pay a 10 Euro reseration fee on the fast train that was only an hour faster and we weren't in too much of a hurry.  So, we got on the slower train and headed to Venice.  After a delay and train switch at the first Venice station, we made our way to Santa Lucia and to the Island city of Venice.  I keep saying Venice because I can't believe that I am here.  It is so wonerful and beautiful here.  All of those things you hear about Venice...they are true.  It's so wonderful and I am having a great time.   Here's a ton of beautiful pictures (aka every street we walk down):

There is not a ton to do here in terms of sites, it's more of a walk around and enjoy it sort of place, so we just left the map at home and walked around.  I underestimated the city, though.  I thought it was a LOT smaller, but we were never really lost, just unsure sometimes.  We did a lot of walking.  Here is a picture of our map, I highlighted our adventure:

We saw some of the sights and found some more, but everything was closing soon, so we decided to do them the next day.  We did, though, find the Ponto Rialto and window shopped on there for a while.  It is a bridge with a ton of tourist-y shops and the streets leading up to it are also filled with Venetian Masks, leather journals, postcards and shot glasses.

We found a grocery store on the way home and brought sandwich essentials and planned to have a cheap day the next day.  There is a Hard Rock, though...

We found the hotel after a little bit of difficulty and then I wrote some of the blog and so did Braden.  He also has recently became a HUGE fan of solitare and I have fallen in love with all of the characters in my book...can't wait to start the next one.  Braden went to bed after finally winning a game of solitaire, and I just about finished my book.  I did the next day and was not happy with the ending, but it'll have to do until I start the next one.

We got up in the morning and got off to a lazy start (as we figured one is supposed to do in Venice).  We planned to go and see Piazza San Marco, the main square in Venice.  It was on the opposite side of the city as us, so we had a long walk to get there (about 1/2 hour).  We took our time, though.  We stopped by shops and looked for postcards, shot glasses, mugs, etc and just basically did what we wanted.

We ended up just appearing at P. San Marco and when we got there, we were immediately surrounded by the throngs of tourists (mostly groups of Asians).  The line to get into Basilica San Marco was crazy long, so we just walked about and took random pictures.  Then we ate lunch.

Upon returning from our packed lunch in the park, we saw that the line was a lot shorter, so we went into the church.  It was SO pretty!!  The entire ceiling was golden and it had such a great effect.  I really loved it.

After that, we walked slowly back to the hotel to use some internet and then took a nap.  One of my dreams was to go on a boat in Venice.  The metro in Venice is a boat, but the tickets were kinda spendy (6.50 Euro for a one-way trip).  Braden did not want to spend the money, but I didn't trust him to find where we were meeting without me, so we had to make a decision.  In the end, Braden loved me enough to go on the boat.  IT WAS AWESOME and cold.

We went to the Hard Rock for drinks and my glass and it was a very nice way to end our time in Venice.  We walked the long trek back to the hotel and said our goodbyes.  Venice was so pretty and I just loved it so much.  Here are some more randoms:

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