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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roman Holiday


So....I'M IN ROME!!!!!!!!!!!! (nbd)

We got up from Venice and stood in line trying to figure out reservations for a while and then just decided to figure it out from Rome and got onto our 3.5 hour train.  When we got to Roma Termini we had some trouble navigating and picking which plan of action to take, but eventually it became clear we would have to go from Florence to Torino to Barcelona.  This is a slight deviation from the plan, but all should be just fine :)

We had some trouble finding the hotel as it was not in the city center or on any of the maps that include the city, but once we found it once it wasn't so bad.  We are staying at the Pascia Bed & Breakfast (http://www.pasciaroma.com/) and it is really nice.  We got settled into the room and the owner explained where all the sites were in the city.  We arrived later than I would have liked, so we didn't have too much time to do the Colosseum like I had originally planned, so we had to make some changes.

We got onto the bus (which is probably the worst big city public transportation I've been on) and made our way over to the ancient city.  While on the bus, we were granted our first view of the Colosseum!!

Of course, I got much better ones later.  We were on our way to the Capatolini Museum (en.museicapitolini.org), the oldest public museum in the world.  It had many famous odds and ends like sculptures and paintings.  It also, obviously, gave me some awesome history to learn.  Here are some highlights from that trip:

 Marcus Aurelius 
 Bronze Hercules
 Romulus and Remus with the She Wolf (the symbol of Rome)
Bernini's Bust of Medusa

The museum was very cool and I liked it, we also got to use our Roma Pass for free entry which I liked even more.

After finishing in the museum we wanted to get to the Colosseum while the sun was still out to get some daytime shots of it.  We walked along the Roman Forum and got some pics of that first:

We finally go to the Colosseum and wow, it was so amazing.  Here are the shots that I took of it, too:

So, Rome is awesome and my next post will be about the Vatican!!!

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