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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Snowing in Norway

In London I got a haircut.  I wanted to do it somewhere they spoke English, I thought that would help me.  Well, they only kinda spoke English, I didn't really understand what they were saying some of the time, and they told me once again that I look like Jack Black, so that's great.  But, anyway, moral of the story, I cut my hair really short and then went to Scandinavia in the early spring.  There was still snow and it was VERY cold.  I needed a hood and was not happy about the fact that it was actually snowing on us.  I was not a fan of that at all. 

So we arrive at Moss Airport Rygge, which is about an hour out of Oslo, so we had to take a train from there to Oslo.  We just kept missing everything by like a minute.  We ended up sitting at the airport waiting at the bus to take us to the train and then we had to wait for a train, but it was fine.  We got into Oslo and had some food and changed our money and walked up to our hostel.  I went the wrong way on the block at first, but we found it eventually and got settled in.  It turns out that we were staying with two other people and then when we came back later two other people came, too.  So, it was a full room, but not a big deal.

Us in Rygge with the snow.

We left the hostel and walked all around Oslo.  We looked at the map and it didn't look very far to walk, but while we were doing it it started to snow and it got a lot longer.  We finally got to the water and we were surprised that it was still frozen solid.  There wasn't just still a little bit of ice, but it was so thick that when people threw rocks at it, it didn't even crack.

On the hill by the water was a fortress.

We did some souvenir shopping and walked along some more of Oslo and then we got back to our hostel.  We bought some food and made it and it was delicious.  When we got back, a woman from Ireland was in our room, Mandy, and she was very awesome and we talked all night about life.  We made some great pasta, drank water, and generally just had a good night.

Here is where I need to talk about the horrid exchange rate.  A meal at McDonald's was like $20 per person.  A box of pasta is about $8.  It was kinda terrible.  I hated it a lot.  We ended up not doing anything in Scandinavia, just enjoying the cities and walking around.  It was ok, but...we kinda didn't eat.

The next morning we walked around once more and just enjoyed the morning.  We didn't have to leave for a while.  

Braden in front of the City Hall

Funny thing, the train station was closed for maintenance, so we had to take a bus up to Kongsvinger (about 1.5 hours) and then took a train to Stockholm.  These next couple of posts are not going to be as fun and detailed because we really didn't do a whole lot.  We didn't have money to have a grand time, but we made the most of it and didn't kill each other.  

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