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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Most Beautiful Castle in the World

We got up after the terrible night in the hostel and made our way over to ArtHotel for breakfast.  We all got ready and went to the trains.  We were a little early, but we got to sit on the train and a lot of people had to stand, so that was nice.  We were sharing our train compartment with a tour group and they offered to add us to their group so that we could get a reduced price on admission to the castle and we said yes!  So, then, naturally, grandma was hounding him making sure that he didn't steal our money, but when we got to Füssen all was well and we even got to take the bus to the starting point with them.  We then walked over to a little place and had some snacks (I had fries) and then up we went.

From where we were dropped off we could just see the castle nestled in the mountains.

We decided to wait for a bus and an entire Canadian tour group also chose to do the same, they were kinda annoying, but whatevs.  We got onto the bus and up we went on a VERY steep and twisty path.  I wasn't feelin' looking out the window, so I just kinda closed my eyes.  We got to the top and as the signs had said the bridge was closed, which is kinda sad, but, later I got a picture of the bridge.  Just now, I made it purple, why, because I can.

So, we walked down the path and there was this beautiful outlook area over the countryside with a lake and stuff.  We had to take a few pictures.

While we were standing there, an Asian tour group walked by and started grabbing Braden and handing their cameras to other people...I was unaware what was going on, but in the end, they started posing with him and taking pictures of him like he was an animal in a zoo.  I, of course, thought this was hilarious.

And later, when we got inside the castle, I also had to get a picture with them.  My favorite is the girl with the red sunglasses that are missing their (what's it called) stem.  They just have one and are resting on her nose.

Well, after that hilarity (and really we were laughing for a good long while) we walked up to the castle.  We still had about 20 minutes until it was our turn to tour the castle, so we took some pictures of the countryside.

We took a tour and it was our tour guide's first day.  She forgot a lot of stuff, but that didn't matter because most of it spoke for itself.  It really was exceedingly beautiful and everything was so intricate and outside every window was such a perfect view, I just loved it so much.  I had a great time walking up all of the stairs, too.

We finished the tour and bought all of our souvenirs and off we were back to Munich.  We took a horse and buggy back down to the buses and were lucky enough to meet up with the same group and take their free bus back instead of waiting in the long line and paying for the public bus that makes stops and because of that we were way ahead of the group and got good spots on the train. In Buchloe, grandma and Margaret made another friend.  

When we got back it was already pretty late, so we just relaxed, drank some more and ate.  It was a really good day!

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