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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Return to Praha

Well, back it was to one of the major European capitals for Braden and I.  We went from Jena to Prague and the train was mostly uneventful.  This time, however, we knew exactly where to go as the women were staying where we had stayed in September (and would recommend to anyone going to Prague: Aparthotel City 5).  It was an easy trip from the train station to the hotel and we dropped our stuff in the room after saying hi to Gastone and Christina (the keepers of the inn) and found them over at a restaurant.  We had some amazing food and then went out on a walk around Prague. It was Friday and we knew that we had to see the Jewish stuff that day if we ever wanted to, so we immediately went there.

The Tyn Church in the main square.

We walked through the Jewish Quarter that perhaps ironically has all of the high-end shops like Gucci and Prada and Versace and got into the Old-New Synagogue.  It was a pretty interesting time trying to buy the tickets as no one is used to the money and they all thought they were paying like $200 for admission, but it wasn't that much...it was like $25 though...fail.

So, we walked through the cemetery and it was filled with some pretty old graves and they were everywhere. They had stones on them which is the Jewish way of putting flowers on the graves, it was really cool.  No photos allowed, so of course I took like 10.

From there we walked around to the Philharmonic and a great view of Prague.  There was a magnolia tree in bloom, so we had to stop for a photo op, of course :) :)

This is also where Grandma tried to convince a random Czech man she wasn't crazy and none of us would help her...she was proving herself wrong pretty convincingly on her own.

Then we walked along the Charles Bridge and took the tram home, they had had a really early morning leaving from Vienna, so they wanted to hit the sack.  But, before they could do that, I made them some dinner.  Chicken Parmigiana.  It was kinda delicious.   

Now, Braden and I were staying in a different and more centrally located hostel, so we had to get home, but the conversation was really good and we ended up staying and drinking and being merry into the wee hours of the morning.  Then, Braden and I had to brave the tough streets of Prague by night.  We had to walk about a mile and I was trashed, but it wasn't a big deal, we got home just fine and all was well.

The next morning we go to have breakfast a la Christina including toasties and all other things wonderful.  From there, we just kinda walked all around Prague seeing all of the souvenir shops and stopping to take a picture with Sherry's Ristorante and buying all kinds of general items.  It was a good day overall and I got to spend a lot of time with the family.

It was coming up on Easter

There was a FIRE!!!

Power cooking by Margaret..."WHERE'S MY WINE?!!"

That night we went to "Aida" an opera in the State Theatre and there was English subtitles and that made me so very happy.  Our view wasn't perfect and we were hot, but that wasn't as bad as Grandma and co because they were behind a woman who had just recently bathed in some sort of awful perfume and Sherry and Margaret were dying, so they came and sat with us for the second half and that was much better for them.

After the opera, we left and we saw a camera crew and a couple out in traffic trying to hail a taxi and Sherry and I knew right away...THE AMAZING RACE!!!

Dream #3 Come True

They were right there and it was so obvious and I was so happy.

The next morning was my last time on the Charles Bridge unless I ever return to Prague (which I wouldn't mind doing) and I had to take one more picture of my favorite view in the city.

We had breakfast with the family one more time and said a sad goodbye, but not before we got a picture with Christina, who called Braden and I "the babies".  It is so wonderful there.

At the train stop we said goodbye to them and Braden and I went on our way to slowly make it to the train station for our trip back home and they went up to the castle and St. Vitus's that I LOVE.  We saw the Spanish Synagogue and we saw the Amazing Race People again, check the clue in his pocket.

We sat outside of the train station for a while and just relaxed and enjoyed Prague.  It really is a great place, one of my favorites in Europe.  I'm really going to miss being able to just go and travel wherever next year, but I'll try to fill the void with speech.  It's been about a month since we were in Prague now and I really miss family and am starting to get the itch to go home.  45 more days!!

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