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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Leaving London

On the last full day in London, we went to the famed British Museum.  We got there a little early and had to look into the gift shop.  We didn't see anything too awesome, so no purchases there.  We saw that the doors were opening and we were the first people of the day to see the Rosetta Stone!

Braden even got a picture with it without people behind it.  He has his creeper face on.

These are the Elgin Marbles.  There is a debate going on between Greece and the UK about where they belong because they are originally from the Parthenon but the UK took them a long time ago and they are on display for thousands of people every year.  Here is some more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elgin_Marbles

Click on this picture, what do you see?

After the museum, we walked along for a while and then we found Trafalgar Square.  In the square, we found a countdown to the Olympics (which Braden so much loves) and we were really excited about that.

From there, we walked along the mall (the same one that you all just saw Will and Kate ride down in the carriage for their wedding).  We saw some guards doing their thing.  I wish they were wearing the redcoat, but it was still winter and they were wearing their coats.  I took a video.

At the end of the mall, we got to Buckingham Palace.  It was really pretty, and it's only open for visiting in like July and August, so we just got to see the front of it.  I thought it was really great though, I mean, when we were watching the wedding, it was so cool to be like, I WAS THERE!!  

From Buckingham we got onto the Tube and made our way to King Cross Station.  We had to go a long way out of our way because there was a fire at Charing Cross Station or something.  So, what we needed to do was go out of our way, but it's ok, because I got to see Platform 9 3/4!!!  It was under construction, so they had a fake-y plastic one, but hey, that the city of London even kinda cares is really cool.  So, I was able to see that and another Harry Potter Dream was fulfilled.  

We finally made our way back to the hotel and met up with Jeff who was done with all of his meetings.  We were going to shower quick, but he wanted to get out on the town.  We got onto the train and just kinda walked about London until Jeff found a suitable pub.  I was sick of always being the last one to finish my drink, so I powered through.  After a few, we walked through downtown London at twilight and went to Yo! Sushi!

Trafalgar at Twilight

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The London Eye

We went to Yo! Sushi and ate Asian food and it was fantastic and I really liked it.  I also had saki for the first time.  I really liked it.  We got back onto the Tube and went back home to pack up.  We got everything all packed into the bag that we were sending back with the Carkhuff's and we said a very sad goodbye and went to bed because we had a VERY early morning.

At about 4 we woke up and got onto the Tube and took the train up to London Stansted Airport.  There were some Hasidic Jews in front of us that were really holding up the line and arguing with the RyanAir people which I have come to understand is pointless because you cannot argue with them. They are terrible.  It is because you buy flights for like 8 Euro and then you have to follow their crap rules.  But, all was well.  We got checked in, had some GREAT Krispy Kremes and got onto the plane that took us to Norway and the last leg of our adventure: Scandinavia. 

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