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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Wondrous Morning in Salzburg

Me and Tanja in Salzburg w/ our new sunglasses.

This is going to be yet another photo heavy and word light blog, so just enjoy the views.  On my last day with Tanja in Bavaria, we decided to drive the 15 minutes into Salzburg.  I was really excited to see another Austrian city because I loved Vienna so much when I went with Braden in 2009 (WOW SO LONG AGO).  We got up and had a quick breakfast and we were on our way.  I had my stuff with me just in case we got to the train station in time for me to take the earlier train back home and I said goodbye to her wonderful family as well.  We got into town and it looked just like any other to me and then, I turned around and was greeted with this view:

(in case you're not sure, this is absolutely beautiful)

We started walking into the main area of town and I needed to take a picture with the Salzach in the background because it was immaculate.  It was so clean and there were swans and a cute church and it was just so European.

We got into town and we walked along the Getreidegasse (a famous street with tons of shops).  We saw one of five unique McDonald's signs in the world.  I guess there are only five anywhere that are not the traditional Golden Arches, and this is one of them.  So, it's kinda really cool.

A little further along I bought my new glasses shown above and then we walked past Mozart's Birth House and I took a picture with that, too.

This is a very interesting story that I'm not sure I'm allowed to share...about the real place of Mozart's birth...

From there we walked into a square and could see the church.  It looked like just any other church in Europe on the outside, but it was really quite lovely inside, one of the best ones that I had been to I think.  We also saw some really cute art, Tanja tried to read Latin and we saw a woman wearing actually nothing and going into the church.  It was the skimppiest thing possible without just being called a bikini, I wonder how they reacted since mass was in session...

From the church we walked into a bigger square that had a huge gold ball in the middle with a man standing on top of it.  I was like "OH MY!" thinking he was going to fall and then I realized it was a statue.  So that was a fail.  I bought my classic souvenirs and we moved on. 

Salzburg Castle overlooking the city.

We went back the way we came and we saw the Mozart statue and Tanja had to strike a pose.  We also saw this weird little tent thing filled with pictures from the set of "The Sound of Music".  For those of you unaware, that movie takes place in Salzburg and some of the scenes show the real city!  It was cool to see that kind of stuff, although we didn't take a Sound of Music Tour.

I bought some more souvenirs and Tanja made me try some Mozart chocolate thing that had a lot of marzipan and I didn't really like it.  We went back to the Getreidegasse and walked to the other side.  Tanja showed me the cafe she took Hannah Sohre (Kittok) when she visited her, but it was closed.

We saw a building that was built into the side of a mountain and a horse washing station that was really cool and historic-y.  We then walked over to the other side of the river to see the gardens.

After crossing the bridge we saw that a musical was playing that we could have gone to, but we had fun the night before so it was fine.  Then we got into the gardens and walked around there.  It was really pretty being in Europe when things were in bloom and I'm glad that I didn't just have my Feb-March trips that had a lot of dead looking trees in it.  This made up for it and helped me think of what places like Versailles and Park Guell looked like when it was summer.  This is also my favorite view of Salzburg with the castle and the church and the gardens all in one shot.  Be sure and click on this photo for a bigger view.

After lounging around in the garden for a while and listening to a brass band we decided to go and sit at a cafe and have a little snack.  Before we could do that, though, Tanja had to pretend she was American and ask an old man if she could take a picture with him.  She didn't want to embarrass herself by asking in German... loser.

We left the park after taking some cute pictures with each other and sat at the cafe for a while.  I got a little mini cake thing that was mango blueberry or something like that...it was...interesting?  I guess it wasn't that bad.  I also had a second apple strudel and loved that.  It was just a really great trip to Salzburg and a great way to say goodbye to Austria for a while.

These tulips were like up to Tanja's waist...

When we got back to Tanja's I looked up the next train, we had some lunch and off I went back home.  I had to buy a little bit of an extra ticket because I rode through Saxony a little bit, but overall it was worth it because I got to visit Landshut, the home to the largest brick tower in the entire world.  I tried to get there and back in the time I had (30 mins) but was unable to do so. 

The one in the background is the super tall building: St. Martin's

I BARELY made it back to the train in time.  And then I sat in the wrong section and almost went to Prague instead of Hof which is where I wanted to be.  All was well, though, and Braden met me at the train station and it was great!

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